02383 – 220093
About The Honorables

Hon. N. B. Shaikh
Founder of Hindustani Education Society
M.A. B.Ed.
    Fly High!.... Dear Students, Hindustani Education Society Ausa has been established with a mission 'Education with a vision in action for minority and rural transformation.' Keeping this mission in mind I established Azad Mahavidyalaya in small town Ausa. The college was assessed and accredited with B+ Grade by NAAC in the year of 2004. That was our First grand success in the field of Education. The college runs different streams of knowledge such as Arts, Science and Commerce. Recently the college has started different kinds of carrier oriented courses, to fulfill the dreams and demands of the minority and rural students. The college promotes quality education. As per the guidelines of NAAC we have established Internal Quality Assurance Cell to assure quality of education.

Hon. Afsar N. Shaikh
M.A. L.L.B. Ph.D.
    Science is a largely verbal enterprise. Successful scientists must speak, write, persuade, and debate. The only way to become skilled at professional verbal behavior is to engage in it. Talk in class. Talk at conventions. Talk in the halls. Listen and respond. Propose and consider. Argue. Share thoughts. If you think you have something to say, say it. If you wonder if you have sometime to say, and worry that it is not worthwhile, say it anyway. Successful students are confident. I don’t mean they necessarily feel confident. I mean that they follow their bliss: They are true to themselves. This is confidence-the-action (con: with; fidence: fidelity). Be true to yourself. If you have an odd mixture of interests, well maybe that mixture will lead to new and exciting things even though someone will tell you that you have to focus on something safer. Take the risk. If it worries you, build a little safety net. Do not, however, violate what seems important to you. You will pay very dearly for the violation because it will take away your compass for scientific entertainment. You can get lost without a compass.

Hon. Gajala Arab
M.A. Ph. D.
    You can learn a lot from others. They help you push you and they teach you new things. So collaborate. Form teams. Network. Give more than you ask to receive. The thing that usually prevents collaboration is fear that someone else will get more that you. That is possible, but if you try too hard to prevent that, you kill the collaboration. Worry about order of authorship when the time comes and even then do so with ease. In the larger scheme of things whether you end up third author versus second doesn’t matter much. Similarly, if someone else gets some credit for “your ideas,” well there should be plenty more where that one came from if you take advantage of all that others have to teach you.